Wakeboarding has two origins if you will search it. One is from a man together with his friends who have developed the skurfing board as was called at that time when it was given to him. They have designed the board themselves and it was made to be towed in a motorboat. He proceeded to develop the design and teamed up with Bruce McKee to make the ‘Wake-snake’ board that was formerly named as the ‘Mcski’ board. This man is named Jeff Darby. That is in the 1980s.

At that same time also in Florida, Howard Jacobs is experimenting with using his surfboard to perform different stunts. He has made adjustments in his surfboard so he can be towed and also to perform the stunts. At this, wakeboarding originated and a name of its own was made. This history has spanned about thirty years and a recognized organization was made for this specific sport to govern the sport as competitions are being held already and that is the World Wakeboard Association (WWA).

Now, wakeboard is being played all over the world. Competitions are held and many famous people are well known in this field and that includes the Soven brothers. They are Phil and Bob who have their own show to showcase their skills in wakeboarding. People also can watch about their life and the things that they just want to do. You can search the show they have and that is Wake Brothers that have episodes to run and seasons.