The wakeboarding essentials can depend if you will pursue it as a profession and if you have the money to buy the equipment and gears that you will use. If you will pursue it as a profession then you will need to have your own boat. In some countries, they just use one boat that is being rented or borrowed. There are different kinds of boat for your investment. The recommended brands of boats for you includes the Calabria Boats,  Axis Boats, and Bayliner Boats.

Board. This is also one of the most basic tools you have to have if you will be able to learn wakeboarding. You can search the corresponding size of the board through the body weight. Know also your riding style to base the type of board you will have. There is the short and long type of boards. A double-ended board is recommended with a fin because they are stable than others.

The Rope. The beginners should prefer the rope that does not stretch and is short.

Bindings. There are three types that you can choose from in this gear. For the beginners, the velcro bindings are recommended. Adjustable boot bindings and High back boot bindings are the other types.

Wetsuit. Ask for advice on what is the best wetsuit for a beginner at the place you will buy as it varies in each country.

Buoyancy Aid. Even if it does not look cool to you but it is needed so you better prepare one for your use.